Friday, September 28, 2007


wohoooo it's friday. So much going on...happening....feeling.

Today is our Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser at work. I am excited.....we have gotten raised almost $700 for our team. I am so proud to be a captain of a team working so hard to raise this money. I can't wait to walk. Next Saturday is our Memory Walk. It's just going to be Shawn and I but that is okay. We are walking in Memory of my Nanny Thomas. Tomorrow is our Family and Friends cook out at Nanny Waters' house. I can't wait for it either. We originally was going to bring nanny home from the nursing home to be there but she didn't make it that long. I just wish she could see us all together and could be there. I know she will be there in spirit but I just want to see her one more time ya know.

Found out Wednesday that I preforated my ear drum. Nice huh. I want tell you how cause it is embarrissing but lets just say the darn thing!

On the scrapping front...not much of anything. I haven't picked up any paper or pictures in what....2 weeks now. I hate that but it just hasn't been grooving for me. BUT....I did get an order yesterday with some Creative Imaginations that will work perfect for some of our beach pictures from this past weekend so I might....just some scrapping this weekend. Inbetween the cook out and some home repairs that I decided we needed to do! Will let you know if I get a page done. I DID join a contest though.....over at I am hoping that will get me in gear. I really hate when this happens...that mojo just goes's happening more often these days and not sure if it is someone just telling me to step back from scrapping for a while....which I would really hate to do cause I love it so much but there must be a reason.....stepping back maybe from all the things I get myself envolved in maybe? I don't know. I can say that my outlook on scrapping, being pubbed, contests and such have changed. It's a good change I think....for me...I'm just not going to pursue it as much and as hard as I used to. It's taken me a while to reach this point but I think it is good for least right now.

anyway...late for work....hugs to everyone that still hangs in there with me and reads this blog...even though I don't update!

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Emily said...

Sometimes, you just have to "take a break"...from whatever it is that has taken up all your time. Think this is just the body and mind telling you "it's okay for now". I'm sure the mojo will strike soon, though. You don't seem to have too many dry spells.