Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today is round 2

of working in Nanny's house. Hard to believe she has been gone over a week now. We started cleaning her house yesterday. We really didn't make a dent. My nanny was a collector...hmmmm I get it naturally then....but she LOVED glass. She had depression glass, Carnival glass...OLD avon glass...she collected liqeuor bottles from the 1800's and yes some still had liqeuor in them...gross...she had a huge 8x8 window in her front house that was FULL of glass bottles. Cobalt blue :) Love that name it. she had it.Churns...old butter churns...about 8 of those and that is just the beginning of them all. We took pictures of each one and then boxed it up. Put the picture out on the front of the box....that way when they family goes thru them we can just look at the picture and request that bottle, etc. We boxed up 26 boxes yesterday.
She had paintings that were from my great grandmother (I requested one of these...I hope I get it). Quilts....sewing galore. I even found cards that my kids had sent her when they were 5 and 6 :)
My mom took all the genealogy stuff...there was TONS.
But we still have a long way to go...I worked 7 hours there yesterday but my mom and 2 aunts worked about 10. Today we will do some more and also work on thank you cards.
It was hard going there yesterday. And yes we all cried going thru her things but we also laughed...which I think is very important. first we laughed at how crazy nanny was to have all this then we laughed at how special these things were to us and the good times we remembered.

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Wendy said...

i had to help clean out my gmas house when she moved out of state to be with another relative. its very hard to go thru stuff like that--all your memories come rushing in at once. you are still in my thoughts and prayers :)