Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi There

first I want to thank everyone for the hugs, calls, emails, cards and prayers over the last week. I can't express enough how much each and every one of them meant so much to me. It's never easy losing a loved one...never ever...but to have friends who think about you and your family and care...it helps ease the pain a little. So thank you. And my family thanks you.

this weekend was busy. Everything that we had been putting to the side had to get done. My aunt, myself and my cousin all loaded up with about 3 dozen roses from Nanny's sprays.....and took them to Fort Payne Alabama on Saturday. We found a 74 year old lady that makes necklace beads from roses. So when we are done....we will have a necklace that will mean more to us than any other piece of jewelry. It should be a few weeks from now. I promise to show you a picture when they are completed.

Thursday...I scrapped. I needed to. I did a page on my nanny. Just a sweet page I thought....and on the advice of my hubby...I submitted it to a mag....and they liked it too :) for me...this is a great way to honor my Nanny as she loved art and loved to see us grandkids be artistic. I would always tell her about my pages and she loved to hear about it. I think she would love this too...don'tcha think :)

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jenscaleshr said...

I have been thinking about you and your family, Becky.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to scrap a bit... and the page you did for your Nanny is beautiful.