Saturday, February 1, 2014

Results of Surgery #2

Yesterday was yet another surgery day. This was by far not as intense - only a little over an hour - but it was still so hard to see him hooked up to stuff and knowing they were about to put him to sleep again. I really do hate that feeling of helplessness. There is nothing I can do but be there for him when he wakes up.

Today's surgery was to fix his eye. I have a few pictures to show you why and some are graphic so beware. Because of the facial nerve not being cooperative right now...billy's left eye will not close. This is bad because it will dry out the cornea and cause other vision problems. We don't want this to happen. So we decided to go ahead with the neurosurgeons suggestion of the Gold Weight Implant. They insert a small gold weight into the upper eye lid. This helps the lid close. He also made several incisions along the edge of the eye and pulled the bottom skin and lid up so that the two lids would now close. The first picture is before surgery. As you can see when he tries to close his eyes this one does not close. We have been doing drops all day and lubricants at night. 
And here he is yesterday afternoon after surgery. you can see how the eye lid on the bottom is pulled up and tucked now. He can actually blink which is so nice to see.
And here he is this morning. This is as wide as he can open his eye. Looks like I belted him a good one doesn't it. I hate it for him. He says this hurts worse than the brain surgery did. The eye is such a sensitive area but hopefully it will heal up quickly. He is on strict orders of no bending over and picking up stuff for two weeks. OUCH. Yeah he wasn't too happy with that. BUT we are going to try and get his post-op appointment a few days before he goes back on the 10th to see Dr. Vivas and the Physical Therapist If all goes well we hope he can get released to go back to work. I am afraid it may be delayed one more week. But honestly I just want him better before he takes on work. I know he is itching to go back.
Just a few more days will be 9 weeks. The longest for recovery they said would be 12 weeks so I think he is doing awesome. This surgery yesterday is just a small set back but was needed. And hey....if all else fails I can sell him at the "we buy Gold" place since his eyelid is real!
On the fundraiser home front we had a donation for 5 more bags. Now we are up to 17!!! I am super excited about that and we only have 33 more to go. I so can't wait to take these to the ICU ward in March!

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