Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 days Post Op

Today is 5 days since Surgery #2. is looking so much better.
Today I can't help but think about how much of a blessing these last 9 weeks have been. Conisdering the circumstances.
Today I am so Thankful for each day and what it brings with it. I know that we can face any hurdle head on and tell it WE will WIN!

So here is a quick snapshot of Saturday afternoon. Looking pretty rough there. All swollen and just yuck. I hated touching it to put medicine on it. I was so afraid I would hurt him.

And then you have today! Woot! Looking so much better don't you think. Still very puffy on the top eyelid but the bottom is looking better and the bruising is turning a lovely shade of green. I think by the time he is at 7 days Post Op it's going to look GREAT! It is so great to see him blinking and not frustrated because it will not close. I can almost see BOTH of his beautiful blue eyes!
Heading to the Dr. Monday and Tuesday of next week. Crossing fingers to get a release from them both so he can get back to work. I know he is anxious and ready. Although I will miss my helper at home. It's been nice coming home to an empty dishwasher :) Actually I think we both need to figure out how to retire and just travel together where ever we want! Yep I think that is a good plan. Now if we could only win the lottery!

And a blessed Angel made a donation to our ICU bag fundraiser. We only have about 25 more bags to go. Isn't that awesome! I am not giving up and plan on reaching our goal of 50! It's going to be FANTASTIC taking them all up to the ICU hall in March!!!

Stay tuned....updates next week after the Dr appointments.

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