Sunday, February 23, 2014

12 weeks Post Op

It's really hard to believe that in just a few days we will be at 12 weeks post op. 3 months! WOW.
I'm so proud of him for the journey he has taken and so quickly. 12 weeks ago I honestly didn't know how we would get to the next step and here we are....

Last week Billy returned to work...his first full week... 11 hour days for 5 days. And he did awesome! I knew he would be pretty tired and come Thursday it was showing on him. But he got up and went each day without any hesitation. He has spent the weekend pretty much resting up which is fine with me. Each week will be another step closer to getting his strength back for sure. Tonight we are celebrating with Omaha Steaks, chicken kabobs and veggies. Thanks to our dear friends Emily and Howard Bach!!

Billy's eye is looking better each day. There is still a little bit of an area swollen and the stitches haven't desolved totally yet (I saw one yesterday). But over all it looks good. I know he is super glad it closes and has made that part of life a little easier.

Our fundraiser has went very well. We are 20 bags short of reaching our goal of 50 bags but I am so super excited that we have raised enough for 30!  I called and got the okay with Emory to bring them to the Neuro-ICU ward in March. Now the process of filling them all and just getting them packed to go. I'm still hoping to raise enough for the last 20. The link is to the right of this blog....I haven't updated the latest donation so we are almost at $400 :) awesome isn't it :) Thank you to everyone that has made it possible.

Thanks for hanging in there with us....

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