Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First round of Physical Therapy done

We went last week and met Lisa at the Physical Therapy office, Dizziness and Balance Control Center. She was super nice. I think the visit was good. It was mainly to get a baseline so that we know how he is doing after the surgery. was interesting to see that he is already having problems with his balance and vision due to the tumor. They are such small changes that have happened over a long period of time...they are just not noticed because his body is already adjusting.
This makes us feel good as far as his body adjusting after the surgery.

His pre-op is scheduled for the 25th along with another MRI. And we are set and ready to go for surgery on December 3rd.

It's a lot to take in for sure and dealing with the insurance companies and billing departments can be frustrating. But determination and my Waters hard headedness will get us!

We have met some GREAT people along the way that have had to deal with this too and it is comforting to know that others understand...and at the same time see how they are doing and know that Billy will be fine too! So for those that have reached out to us and shared your stories...thank you!

Christmas shopping is getting closer to being done. I wanted to get the most of it finished before his surgery so that we don't have to worry about it. Tying up all the loose ends on things so that again....things we don't need to worry about. I think that will be the key...and train all of our focus on getting him better and recovering quicker.

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