Saturday, March 10, 2012

USArtQuest Watercolors and Studio Cloth

Today I want to share with you a fun and quick weekend project to spruce up any room. My goal - freshen up some artwork I had in the kids bathroom. I just recently bought a new shower curtain that really did not go with the sea shell themed prints I had in there already.

First I will start off showing you the shower curtain so that you have an idea of where I am coming from with the colors.

 Next I took some standard white frames from my local craft store. They have a picture opening of 5x7 - roughly - so I cut my studio cloth to an 8x10 size. Then I just sketched a few pictures on there. Nothing fancy and it does not need to be perfect. This will be my guide once I start painting.

Using watercolors on the studio cloth is WONDERFUL. They blend so easy! So mix those colors. If you are not sure take a wet paper towel and blot over the area and paint again. Once I had these dry - I took a black pen and out lined my tree and circles. Take this time to add anything extra you might want for details.

Insert your paintings into the frames and there you go.....a cute addition to any room and to your decor!!

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Make sure to stop by USArtQuest and pick up some of these awesome watercolors and studio cloth.

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