Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okay blog readers - and Thirty One Lovers

I need your help :)
I have set 2 goals for myself and I know they are both reachable...I just need a little help to get there.

My first goal is to reach $1000 in sales for the Month of March. I am $218 away from reaching that goal! If there is anything you've been wanting....well....I am begging for!!! I AM GOING to reach this goal by golly!

My second goal.....well of course it is Thirty one related....From April 1- 15th I need to sell $500 so that I can earn 4 new products for the Summer catalog. We can only earn these by selling $500. The customer special for April is AWESOME....purse $31 in product and you can purchase a purse at HALF OFF!!!! that includes the purse skirts!

So now that I have thrown that out there.....RUN....get on my website and take a peak at the catalog! Then head on over to your email and shoot me an order. You know you want it. you know you've been drooling over that particular bag or purse. don't forget Mother's day is right around the corner. You could be ahead of the game!!!

Thank you everyone for helping me kick off my Thirty One business. I LOVE it and I love the people. Each show, party, order...gets me one step closer to attending the National Conference in August FREE! And that is a big deal! Love you all

xxoo me :)

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