Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Art work

I finally got my newest painting hanging up in the computer room. Whatcha think?
This is considered Mixed Media. I used book pages, paint, wood lettering, Mod Podge and Black markers. I really love how it turned out and it matches the wall perfectly. Each canvas is 18x20. I will sell these for $80.00 and can put any word you would like on the painting.

Here is a closer up of the letters. Sorry it is blurry but its raining here and my natural light is pretty much gone :( so not a very good day for picture taking.

Now I just need to finish up selling some items on ebay, buy a few more Thirty-One baskets for storage and get a few picture frames that are all the same for the top of the computer desk. And then the final addition to the room will be my sewing cabinet that my dad is making me! Now at some point or another I will have to reorganize my fabrics but I think that will be a spring time job.

And of course you know we can't complete the day with out a wonderful picture of Danie aka Butterbean and her favorite Papa. Both sporting their new overalls! Two peas in a pod I say!

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Leah Crowe said...

ahhhhh I LOVE IT!!! It's gorgeousness!!