Thursday, November 3, 2011

The weekend

We took Danie to the Paulding Meadows Trunk or Treat on Saturday. She seemed to have a pretty fun time. Especially when I let her have a Dum Dum sucker! she stayed in costume and we just pushed her around everywhere. This was the only day she got to Trick or Treat because she has been pretty sick lately. Monday Kayal took her to the dr and it was confirmed that she had her first ear infection :(
So 1 round of antibotics here we come.
She is still coughing pretty good but for the most part the meds are working.

We didn't have any trick or treaters monday usual...just the wrong area for kids I guess. Now it is hard to believe it is November. Wow this year has just flown by so quickly. Before we know it Danie will be a year old!!!

I've been working hard and heavy on two quilts and still one more to make! And I only have until the 24th to get them done. Once Thanksgiving is here....the sewing machine will be put up for the year. Just too much going on with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lets hope I can get the sewing gods on my side.

Had a great Thirty-One month. I hope this month will be even better with the holidays around the corner. Don't forget about  my sale on the 11th!

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