Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing has taken over

so I do believe that sewing has taken over my life. But I love that. I grew up with my mom making our clothes....handmade baby clothes...her teaching me how to make Barbie Doll clothes. My Nanny Waters would sew quilts, pot holders and the like....then when I married Billy...i was introduced to Vera who LOVED to sew. Quilts. They were so loud, proud and wonderful. My friend Emily is also a quilter. Amazing. She took two of my Nanny's quilt tops and finished them up for me. I have to say those are the most treasured items I have. I love those two quilts. I have always been scared of sewing. I mean I know how to sew...a little bit. And I bought a sewing machine so that I could do stuff on my scrapbook pages.....but I am not an experienced sewer by no means. BUT...the last few years I have to admit I have been inspired. I have 4 quilts under my belt now and working on a few more. I have a few purses that I have done and love them. So I am learning...and I love it. One of the greatest challenges is choosing patterns. It's kinda like scrapbooking...putting that right patterned papers together. Although on a much larger scale. Here is my latest project. I actually JUST finished cutting all the sashing out for this puppy. That in its self was a job. All these blocks are pretty large. The fabric....all but a few patterns, I purchased at Intrepid Thread. That is my online friend Julie's store. LOVE her store. Go check it out.
I bought this frabic because it reminded me of my Nanny. So this project will be for me. And you can guarantee this winter...I will be curled up under it with Little Danie...thinking about my Nanny. I can't wait to get it done. I just hope it comes together. Right's pretty Just like Vera would like.

We will take a brief moment to share my supper Sunday night. YUM YUM! These are Thrive approved steak kabobs. And let me just say...YUM! 
And we added this yummy side...Baked Brussell Sprouts...that by wonderful cook of a neice made. You can check out her blog here...The FarmHouse. She does some amazing cooking that is for sure.

Oh wait....I can't go with out a Danie picture. Right. Me and her and just had our day together and she was whooped. I left her in her carseat and she just snoozed for a while. Isn't she getting so big. She turned 5 months yesterday. WOW. The time is just flying by. Too quickly. She is getting carpet burns on her knees from trying to crawl. It's so cute. Boy Christmas this year is going to be the best every. I love this girl. Gosh do I love her.

Okay back to is my latest bag. I found this pattern online. Sorry I dont' have the link at the moment but I will try to find it for you. And then I adapted it to work for me. This fabric line is Moda Bliss which I am also using in a quilt for Danie that I hope to finish this winter. It's the Birdie Stitches Quilt A-Long. You should check it out. Very cute. I think I will try selling bags for about $20. They are not to hard to make and gives me a quick project to do. I love that.

Well I guess that is all for now. I have a painting in the works. Hopefully I can get it posted in the next day or two. I need to add some Becky touches to it first. Trying to get ready for Paulding Meadows which is getting closer and closer.

We let the Chickens out into the new pen. They are so scaredy cats. geesh. Only a few will get out. But I was able to hold one yesterday. They are so cute and soft. Well...not so sure about the cute part but you get the idea. I also had a canvas picked up for Ready Set Create. That was sooooo cool. They contacted me for it too....nothing I submitted so that was even more excited. It was a canvas from my She Art series.

Oh and before I forget....I am about to be a new Thirty One Gifts consultant. Tomorrow I sign up. I am so excited to start on this so if you like Thirty one or even if you have no idea what it is...check them out. Thirty one Gifts....and let me know if you need anything. :)

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