Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's official

I am now an official Thirty-One Consultant! I am super excited to get this venture up and off the ground. you can check out my website at Becky Thackston, Independent Consultant where you can view the catalog or place an order. And if you would like to be on my newsletter list, please send me an email at and I will add you to the list. My kit has shipped and should be here this week which is even more exciting. The Fall catalog kicks of Monday the 25th. YEAH.

on to other things around the Thackston house.....
  • I had my Scentsy party yesterday and it was so much fun. can't wait to get my goodies and get the house smelling so yummy. 
  • The Roosters are trying to crow. It's kinda sad sounding. They don't have it down pat yet but hey...he was trying at least. they are growing so fast. Hopefully we can get the nesting boxes built soon.
  • Billy wants me to put quilted purses in at my booth at Paulding Meadows...eeek...there is only like 40 days left. That is a lot of sewing to do! But hey...I'm game for anything.
  • Little Danie is teething. The 101 fevers are kicking all our butts but Tylenol is our best friend right now....and cold teething rings.
  • Shawn FINALLY had his formal Graduation pictures made last week. Wow I can't believe it. a Senior. School starts in about 8 days. And then only 180 days left of my kids in school. Then I am done. can you believe that.
  • My sister booked our room in Panama city Beach the other day. Looks like I am going on a girls trip to PCB. My house is going to be a wreck when we get back. This is our September trip. Should be fun. I haven't been to PCB in a LONG time.
  • Still on an ebay Trying to sell all the things I can and get the house cleaned up of un-neccesary stuff. It's going slowly but it's going. I go. Today is going to be a crafting day. My house is clean. Everything I need to do is done. So I want to enjoy the day with fun, crafty stuff. Have a great Sunday!

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