Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My newest Project

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt.
I found this Quilt-A-Long on Stitched in Color....and just knew right away this was the pattern I wanted to use for my new fabric that I purchased at Intrepid Thread. I am so bad with fabric names or else I would list the name of it...sorry about that.
This fabric reminds me of my Nanny Waters so that is why I bought it. To make me a quilt to remember her by that is cheerful and fun. And boy did it turn out HUGE too. It took Shawn and Billy both to hold it for me. Now the hard part. What to do with it next. The quilt-a-long calls for pearl thread hand stitching but I don't have any pearl thread and can't afford to go buy the boxes of it. And this puppy might take a while to hand quilt...lol. But....we will see. I might just fold it up for now and come back to it later on this fall. But I have to say...I love it. This was my first try at sashing which is a bugger let me just say...but I ALMOST got all the lines straight!

Head on over to Intrepid Thread and pick up some cool fabric and make your own Loulouthi Tiles Quilt. You want be sorry...I promise...

Now on to making some quilted bags. 4 in the works as we speak....

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Jewel said...

Fabric is Kumari Garden :)