Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Happenings

First....Happy 4 months to Butterbean! It's so hard to believe that she is 4 months old already...(16 weeks). She is growing way, super fast. She is sitting up (still with some support), rolling over here and there, laughing, smiling and even holding her bottle now. Just to fast! Sunday she wore Nana's Jeff Gordon onsie and guess who won the race! YEP Jeffy did! wooho my lucky charm!

It was a great weekend spent at home with my family. Steven and Stephanie came over Saturday. It was so great to see them. Lots of hugs.

Billy and I spent WAY TOO much money on little things for this baby and our upcoming camping trip! Found a cute dress. somewhere along the line this tomboy is turning into a girl. Not sure I am liking that. I prefer my tomboy self more.

I did get some crafting done. Yeah. I am ALMOST done with my first ever designed quilt. It's coming right along. I need to finish the rest of the binding and then I am going to add some hand stitching and some different looking stitching to it just for fun. Maybe I will be done by midweek. I hope so...and then I will share it with out. Also got some painting done. Here is the end result. Kinda different :)

These will sell for $55. Each canvas is 12x12. My whole family thought I messed up while painting them and didn't know I meant to make them off silly family.

Kayla was busy too with her crocheting and made these two cute hats.
Miss Piggy (aint she cute) will sell for $15.00

And the Jamacian hat will sell for $17.00

Chickens are doing great. Even hop along is still hanging in there. We actually have one chicken that is NOT going to be a Road  Island Red. She is all spotted and a light brown/cream color. I will for sure be keeping her :)

Signing off....lots to do today and I still need to get ready for work. Hugs to all.
And if you don't mind...a few prayers for our family today. Can't really say why right now but just know they will be greatly appreciated.

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