Friday, June 17, 2011

Long day - lots to do - thinking and reading

Good morning blog land!
Hope every one is doing well! I'm going to start today sharing with you my finished Farm House Quilt. Now a little background on this is my first ever design. And let me just say that for a beginner quilter....don't go trying to design Nothing and I do repeat, nothing, turned out like it should on this puppy! But...I spent the whole weekend sewing it and putting the binding on and now I have to say...I'm pretty pleased. I had to make some adjustments at the end and I surely do learn as I go. I really hope the new owner of this baby will love it and know how much time was put into trying to make it just right. Oh...and owning the first ever and last designed Becky Quilt :)

Now off to the second one. I'm in the process of quilting it now....coming along nicely. I'm learning.

I have lots of appointments and running around to do today. I have an Echo this morning and then a Blood Pressure check and blood work at about 10. then off to my 500 different stops I need to make today. We are getting ready to go camping and there is just so much to do and get finished before we go. Trying to package all my ebay sells and get them out the door. Cleaning up the house. Getting bills paid. who decided that vacations have to be so busy?

So I decided to give a try to being a Thirty-One Gifts consultant. I have done several home based sales in the past, Stampin Up, Tastefully Simple and Avon. and they all work great. But as I am getting older I notice I LOVE bags. Handbags, storage bags, etc. and I really do like these products. Sadly there is a waiting list to join and so far I have not made the first 6200 invites. There appears to be 15,000 ladies waiting to join this company. Knowing my luck I am #14,999! but anyway...I decided to give it a go and we will see what happens. And with that said I feel, deep in my soul, that it is time I make some changes. Crafty changes. I haven't totally decided yet but it's's nagging at me....and I can't ignore it. More to come on that later. Right now I am waiting on a few submissions that I have put out there and that will ultimately help me decide what I am doing in my crafty future. It's funny how when we get older...things change...priorities change...people change...everything changes. And as I embark on the glorious age of 40...I'm changing...and when I thought I had finally found myself...found who I self decides to throw a monkey wrench in things. One of my most hardest changes....accepting me for me. I have always battled loving myself as I am...thanks to a not so nice ex husband...who took a toll on my self worth....but here at almost 40 I have come to realize. I am who I am going to be. If I am 25 lbs overweight...well so be it. I have worked hard to lose weight here and there and where I am is where I am going to be. Why not love myself as I am. My husband does. Loves me just as I am. My family does. Why can't I? Why do I have to be so hard on myself. And maybe...if I love myself a little more...other things will fall into place. Don'tcha think? So here is to embarking out to the unknown. and changing.

Okay enough of that....on to reading. I just finished The Immortal Highlander and The Dark Highlander. hubba hubba. Someone whisk me away to Scotland in the 1500's please! Oh my word these books leave you wanting that strong, husky, beautiful Highlander man to come take you away and love you like you should always be loved. yum. I'm reading the last one of the series right now. Then on to other books. So far I am 26 books into my Project 52. I think I am ahead of the game right now and doing pretty good. Hard to believe I have read 26 books so far this year. Now that I have my Kindle I do believe I will read thru more pretty quickly.

No pictures of butterbean to share today. No scrapbook pages. No paintings. Just me sharing me today. And me wishing all you in blog land a wonderful day and stop just a moment....and look deep inside...and know that YOU are SPECIAL. And you are perfect JUST. AS. YOU. ARE!

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Anonymous said...

I love YOU- sharing YOU.
I LOVE the just YOU. Right out there- over there just being the YOU you are. Quite enough for me- and plenty for YOU.
Whether you're sitting in a chair, on a sofa or just folding clothes.
Just right for me.
YOU. And I can't figure out how to do that thingie so I hope this POST. Love my SWEET SisNlaW.