Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Monday

Boy I have a huge post for you today :)
We had a wonderful weekend. Complete with Kayla's 21st birthday. As you can see we got her a chocolate chip cookie cake complete with 21 candles. As she was blowing them out....
 butterbean was watching and singing happy birthday too. sounded like she was at

Of course sunday was Mother's Day. Butterbean and I took a walk around the backyard taking pictures. I couldn't pass up these lovely weeds white flowers growing in the horse pasture. But then again I love to just take pictures of anything nature related so it was a nice, sunny day for picture taking.

As we were walking around we came across some of our trusty beavers handy work. They have managed to cut down two pretty good sized pine trees in the back yard. It always amazes me how cleanly they can cut down a tree. Now that they have completed the dam...we have a great place for mosquitos to make a home...just were we happened to put up the new back yard swing...hmmmm....wonder how we will get rid of all the bugs so that we can enjoy the swing this summer!

And I wanted to take a quick picture of our current chicken coop. Which has been empty now for several, several years. I call it the chicken Hilton. That sucker is TALL. Billy plans to expand it out and build some laying boxes. Our shipment of chickens (20 to be exact) will be here around the 20th so we have a few weeks to continue working on getting the coop ready for our new family additions.

Finally some artsy stuff for you. I was asked to draw a cabin the other day. Man I so would love to live in this cabin. With my crafty/sewing room in the top. I was pleased that he liked the drawing. I had to rush to get this one done and of course there are some things I don't like but for the most part it is okay. But hopefully they will enjoy it. I used pen and ink with a touch of charcoal pencil.
And finally my layout for Tally Scrapper. We had to scrap about ourselves, use flowers, stamps and buttons. Oh and use metal of some sort. So.....I scrapped about my first art fair using the clippings from the newspaper. This one was a quicky since I didn't have a lot of time to work on scrappy stuff this week. I did manage to clean a lot in my scrap room but you really couldn't tell if you looked I still have a bunch of stuff up on ebay and I hope it all sells. Mama needs some extra cash! Plus it is all piled up here in the computer room.

My goals this next week.....I want to get back to sewing on this quilt I started a few months ago. I will need some time to cut the fabric so I need to clean off more of my scrap table. I want to scrap some more too. The kids have appts this week at the dentist and the baby has to go to the Health Dept for some sort of appt. I have a few meetings at work that I hope goes well. Just a busy week in general. School is winding down with just 3 weeks left. awhhhhh the summer will be here before you know it. And when it gets here....I will have a Senior, senior pictures, all that comes with that, vacation....and tons of other stuff to begin preparing for. Yep the busy season is on the way....

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