Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catch up big time.....

I know I have been bad this week in blog land. Just so much going on I guess.
See....Sylvester is so ashamed of me for my laziness....sigh

But seriously....just been super busy. It was a long week at work. And lots to do when I get home. But I have managed to throw in some scrapping and some quilting in the mix so all is good :)

Oh and you know...smiling time with my granddaughter is a MUST. So yeah....there went all my free time. How can you resist this cute face!

Okay on to our new members of the family. A few weeks ago we ordered some chickens. I was so excited for them to finally get here. All 21 of them. They finally came in on Road Island Red Hens and Roosters. All snuggled up in their new home. And of course I had to go pet them and talk to them as much as I could when I got home. they made it thru the first night with no heat lamp and seem to be doing pretty good on Day 3 at their new home. And soooo cute :)

Had a great mail day too on Friday. I got my House Party kit full of Fresh Wave candles. I love free stuff. So worth it. Also my package from The Intrepid Thread came in. This is a Ty Pennington designed fabric and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Not sure what I will make with it just yet but I have it in my little ole hands in case the time arises.

Worked at the Lake all day Saturday. Got a little sun. Didn't do to great with my yard sale stuff but oh well. Win some...lose some. Sunday was a day of rest and crafting. Finished my first designed quilt. Well at least the top is done. Not sure I will try to design another one or not...that is hard. Finished up some secret scrapbook pages. And played with this cutie. Yep had to share another smiling photo. Gosh I love her.

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