Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Beautiful day after a long week

Today was a beautiful day spent with family and friends at the family lake. I so wish my Nanny was still here to be apart of these get togethers. She would of been so happy. We had some FANTASTIC fried fish filets and some catfish. Some YUMMY turtle. Gosh I love that stuff. Hush puppies and all the sides you could imagine. It was HOT but great. After lunch a nice stroll around the lake (about a mile and a quarter) with my BFF Kim and my Sister N Law Robin. I wish I could have days like this every week.

It's been a long week...hence the no blog posts. We had some storms roll thru on Thursday that snapped an old Pecan tree in our yard in half. Took out the whole grid in power. We had firetrucks and rescue units out here due to live wires hanging over the street. We finally got that back on Friday morning and our phones/internet Friday afternoon late. And let me just say....after your used to electric is hard to figure out how to heat up a baby bottle when you have a total electric house. Thank goodness for a camper equiped with a coleman stove :)

I finally decided to upload my quilt in the making. This was my first ever quilt design that really didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but it is almost done. I just need to put the backing on and bind it BUT I have 4 more ahead of it. Just ordered my fabric for a couple of them from the Intrepid Thread! Now to just get all of these done and I will feel as though I have accomplished something.

As of today...I have an official Senior...Class of 2012! I can't believe my baby is a Senior now. Time is just flying by to quickly and doesn't want to slow down one ounce.

Scrappy world...I'm working on a few projects that I can't wait to share with you ;) So hang tight for those.
Other than that I haven't had the chance to be too creative this week. I hope that will change this weekend and I can get some things done. Thankfully it is a long weekend.

And of course you know I can't have a blog post without a cute picture of my grandbaby! She was getting ready for the cookout today. She is just too precious and I love her sooooo much.

PS..chickens are doing Great. They are 1 week and 4 days old. Already gaining wing feathers and trying to fly.

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