Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what....is it....


Well I had more pictures but they aren't working this morning and I don't have the extra minutes to get them to work. Maybe later. But anyway...this is Kayla's grape hat. Those are maple leaf ear muffs...lol...and it has 3 grape balls on the top. Totally cute!

You know I had to give you my daily dose of Danie :)

Man at the storms last night. I know at one point it was hailing so bad that I was praying for us to be safe while we slept. I have a fear of tornadoes at night. The power did go out sometime or another. They were some doozies that is for sure. Hope everyone else was safe.

Today begins my 6 week Soul Restoration online class with Melody Ross. I wanted to take this back in January but didn't get the chance. I am excited to get this going. Sadly I need a few journals to do this in but don't have any....ugh. Maybe some will turn up. I promise to share with you my journey.

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