Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time to reflect is time to reflect and money
Why you ask.
Well.....let me just tell you...

See this truck.....well not exactly this one because I took this one off the internet but it is pretty darn now sits in our front yard. yep. hubby got him a 2011 Dodge Big Ram 4x4 1500 Hemi truck yesterday. Crew Cab. Beautiful. Rides nice. We want discuss the sticker price. All I will say is I drive a hard deal. But....we are back to the car payments again and I am really scared to see what the insurance payments will be on this thing. But...hubby is happy. We want tell him how much I will have to move around the numbers and the bills to make this work...why you ask...well he is happy. He works hard. He deserves a new truck. And I love him. Enough said. Money moving I will figure out. Maybe work harder at selling some paintings. I know for sure I will have to cut out the scrapping and fabric buying for a while but that is okay. Just don't tell him that because it will make him feel bad.

But on to other things....I finished this layout finally yesterday. It is for the Surivior Challenge at TallyScrapper. We had to use an ad for inspiration, 3 different kinds of paint, bright colors, one word title and only one picture in black and white. Oh and we could only use black or white background paper. Now that I look at this I totally forgot to add the buttons I wanted to add to it. Oh well.. Maybe I can add them

this weekend has gone by fast. We attended another viewing on Friday. My aunts mom passed away. It was very sad. I hate it for their family because she will be really, really missed. Saturday was spent all day at the dealership. I told ya....I drive a hard deal and wasn't leaving there without the payments we could afford. Those crazy fools started out with $1100 NO I don't think

Today we will be going out and buying a yard swing. I've been saving my money for one and finally have enough saved. And then head over to mom and dads so Billy can show off his new ride :) Boys and their toys. Then back home to finish this Birdies Stitches block and some cleaning. We have a busy week as the countdown to the wedding has begun. AND...I want to get a few paintings done today that I have in my head.

The blog hop has been a great success. Thank you to everyone that has stopped by. I will be doing the drawing for the K&Company goodies this evening so if you haven't posted a comment....please do before 6 pm EST.

Finished book 15 or is it in my Project 52. ShadowFever by Karen Moning. And let me just say WOW. Now I can't review the book for you like I would normally because my online friend Julie has just begun the series. So here is what I can say....WOW...I can't believe xxxxx was a bad person and I can't believe xxxxx killed Alina and I can't believe that xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxxx together. And that xxxxx had a xxxxxx.  :) teeehheee. It seriously was a great series and one I would highly recommend. I can't wait to read the highlander series next but I want to wait until I save up for the kindle first. I am trying to sell all my book copies of things so that I can make room in the house and also buy the Kindle 3G.

Okay off to spend the day with my family.

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Jewel said...

Oh man you are killing me... I just finished the third book though so you won't have to wait long to discuss it. LOL