Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Sunday

Another weekend that has quickly flown by. this entire week has just been upside down and nothing has really gotten completed. And to be honest I need all the time I can get right now. Now That Little Danie is here we are turning our focus on Stephanie and Steven's wedding which will be in just 5 more weeks. Kayla still has to get her dress altered. Shoes to buy. I have little decorations to make. and the list goes on....

My weekends are filling up fast. This next Saturday I will have to take Kayla to get the dress altered. Then the following saturday we are having a family fishing day/yard sale. So that day is gone. And goodness I have already forgotten what the following saturday is....ugh. My memory is shot.

I still haven't fully recovered from this food posioning crap. It has really taken its toll but some ways...I have been eating and putting back on the weight I lost while sick. Wish I didn't have to put it back on but you have to lose it the right way for it to stay gone :)

I FINALLY had a few minutes to finish my first She painting. I wasn't 100% thrilled with it but after getting sick, my heart wasn't in it nor the energy. but I didn't want to just leave it sitting around unfinished so I did what I could and just put it up. If I add something later I will but for now it is done.

I also FINALLY got a layout completed. Will share it with you on Thursday.
My quilt I was working on is cut out...but time or energy to really work on it any. Maybe once the wedding is over and little Danie is moving around some....I will feel up to doing more. I sure hope so. I want the old me back.

Little Danie is 2 weeks old today. she is still a beautiful blessing and we just love holding and cuddling her all the time. I feel sad a lot because I just don't remember all the details on taking care of a little one and what might be wrong with them Sometimes she just cries and cries and I hate not knowing why. It's hard to teach Kayla when I don't know myself. but...that will get better I am sure. I took them both to a consignment sale yesterday and found a cute floor mat and some PRECIOUS....did I say that loud enough...if not PRECIOUS PRECIOUS outfits. And all for $15. I was happy. Maybe next weekend I can find some more. My house does look like a baby store has blown up in it which is causing my OCD to go into overdrive but I am managing I guess.


Jewel said...

I think she is adorable. DOn't worry the mother stuff will come back to you LOL

mindy gallagher said...

Becky I think it turned out awesome... :D