Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Butterbean, crafting and this or that

First off my day is not complete unless I share with you some BUTTERBEAN pictures!
This is me and my girl this afternoon. She was getting ready to leave and go out to eat with her mom. I just love snuggling with her in the afternoons. It makes my day so much brighter that is for sure.

And of course she has to sit and have long conversations with her Papa in the evenings. They were DEEP in conversation here....couldn't tell you what they were talking about...lol...but she is really interested don't you think.

Danie is doing well. She has broken out in a rash all over her neck and head. A little stuffy. But growing like crazy. I estimate her at about 8.6 lbs now. and I still can't believe she is a month old. sigh.

On the painting home front...this is my latest picture that I completed for a coworker. Each canvas is 11x14 and has lots of details with texture stucco paste. I really love the earth tone colors and the textures. She loved it too :) I'm currently working on another painting that I hope to share with you on Thursday.

My evenings have been crazy and I haven't had as much crafting time the last few weeks but I know it will settle down. Right now I have my self torn between scrapping, working on this quilt, painting and reading. I know, I know....just pick one and complete it right? You would think...but that is not how my brain works and when I have creative juices flowing everywhere...well....there will MANY projects going at one time that is for sure. Billy is going hunting this weekend so I plan on some late evening sewing and hopefully some crafty time Sunday. Saturday I will be at the lake all day enjoying the weather and my family. The wedding is coming up in a few weeks so we still have lots of planning to do for that.

Tomorrow Kayla and I will be heading back to the bridal shop to try on her bridesmaid dress and hoping it fits perfectly because there is nothing more annoying than driving up Barrett Pkwy in the evening rush hour...grrrrr.

Lets see...quilts....yeah that one I was designing...ugh....I've thrown it off into the corner and decided to pick up on the Birdies Stitches quilt for Danie. I haven't gotten very far but I am trying. I just need to get the blocks made and then that one will be worked on a little each month. Then and only then will I attempt to pick up the one in the corner...sigh.

Weight....first week of Weight Watchers done. Lost .8. Not what I was hoping but I am sure those chips and the hamburger I had the other day didn't help..ya think?

Okay...I love you guys...but my craft table is calling me....

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