Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hoping to have news for you

Well I was REALLY hoping to have baby news for you by now. We headed out to the hospital last night....8 minute contractions...lots of pain...a very excited granddaddy...and then after hooking her up and monitoring her for a little while they pack us back up and send us home. With some good pain medication. Not dilated ANY since Monday. what is up with that! They want admit her until she is at 4 cms! So bless her heart...she had to get dressed and go all the way back home. She is so tired and ready for this to be over. I feel so bad...the baby is what is caled OP....she is facing the wrong way. We tried to get her to turn but it just didn't happen. It was very hard to get her heartbeat but when you did she was flying at 133 all the way to 160. This also causes a lot of pressure on Kayla's lower back which is hurting her a great deal. So they gave her some pain meds and instructions to come back when she is having contractions 2-5 minutes apart. They like pushing the time frame don't they. Especially when we live about 45 minutes away!  I can just see Billy delivering his grandbaby on the side of Dallas Hwy! So anyway...we got home at her to bed and then zonked out. Off to work I go today but will take the rest of the week off. She has a stress test tomorrow and then enducing Friday. We WILL have a baby by Saturday morning! (we hope)

On to other is my latest quilt. Let me just say now...that this has been the MOST frustrating quilt so far. LOTS of little squares and rectangles to sew together. I took my time and made sure everything was so straight and then not a single block ends up being the same size. So I cut them all down to 8x8. It will be a little smaller than I wanted but I guess a good lap quilt. I have two rows so far sewn together. Will work on it more this weekend. Now I just need to learn how to quilt a little differently as far as designs so that I can get some of these finished and looking cool. 

and how about a little sneak peak for you. this is just a peak at my laout that you will find on the Magistical Memories blog tomorrow....oh and here too :)  I put this one together over the weekend and love the different patterns and textures. Hope to see you back here tomorrow. Until then...have a wonderful day.

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