Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great weekend of nothing much

Didn't do to much this weekend which was nice. We just hung around the house a little and visited with my mom and dad for a few hours. I did get these three layouts finished using the Scrap-Tastic Feb kit "Sweet Tooth". I've been meaning to scrap these pictures forever so it was nice to get them done and ready to put away in my books. It was fun to try and do three diffrerent layouts using the kit and to try and make them all three a little different.

Warrior Dash - Ricky, Mark, Laura and Shawn
 I also managed to organize a little this weekend, put away some things, clean a little and even started on another painting. It will be of a Magnolia flower but I haven't gotten the blue just right yet for the sky. Just a little more paint maybe. Billy finished putting together the wood shadow box that I designed. I got a few coats of paint on it and will wait for that to dry then rough it up a little bit. I want the boxes to look old and worn. I will eventually put dried flowers in them that I have collected over the years. Mine will hold a rose from my Nanny's funeral, a few roses that Billy has given me and a few that the kids have given me. Kayla's will hold flowers that her grandmother gave her at her shower.

My grandmothers house. I have always loved this song and wanted to do a page with her house
 It was a beautiful weekend. In the high 60's. I even opened a few windows and it felt so good. I wish we had a few more days of this weekend to enjoy this weather. I could get so much down with weather like this. Plus it is great for the winter blues that I seem to have.

Kayla back in the summer. This was one of the pictures I took while in downtown Rome
Tonight I will curl back up in the chair after some hamburgers on the grill....and dive back into my second book of the year, Message in a Bottle. So far I can't put it down once I start it. This one is almost done which makes me feel great as the last book took forever to finish. Not sure what I will read next. My mom finished her geneology book for the Waters Family and shared it with me today. I loved it. Now it has me wanting to get back into working on Billy's family tree again. I haven't dealt with it in a many other things I guess going on. But to start back with it I am going to have to give up something else. Just not sure what. Maybe put the painting to the side for a while. I can't stop the scrapping. That would just not be a good I am too tied up in the quilt making to stop it either. We will see. With the baby almost here I am not sure what time I will have to devote to much of anything so who knows.

and speaking on baby.....only 2 weeks left to go. Kayla will be 38 weeks tomorrow. She has a Dr. appt so we will see what they say. She has been having "minor" contractions since Tuesday. Some of us don't think she will go all 2 weeks. But Tensley or "butterbean" may have different plans. As long as she waits until after February 1st.

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