Monday, December 20, 2010

Productive day

I had a pretty productive day. I think these turned out great. A great friend at work wanted me to make her some to give as gifts. They are quick to make and not to expensive which is always a good thing. I think I have been making them, and charging, about $25-35. Just depends on the embellishments I used. But I like them. Something different and cute.

Here is the progress I made on my quilt today. I got 14 rows done. Then my sewing machine went haywire. I got it running again but just ran out of energy to get anything else finished.

And finally....the painting I did this morning. It is 16x20 and will run $45. I think it is fun and bright. Just looking for a great home now :)

The baby shower went well yesterday. Now to get ready for the one in January. So much still left to get for this little one. Carseat, stroller, bottles, diaper bag....and the list goes on and on. Lets just hope she stays in there for the next 8 weeks so we have time to get all this stuff together. I can't wait for Christmas morning. You know when you have that gift that you just KNOW someone is going to love and you can't wait to give that to them...well I have a few of those to give and it just makes me smile to see someone else smile. Oh I can't wait. I LOVE Christmas!!!!!!!

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