Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magistical Memories Thursday and my First Art Journal Page!

First I would love to start out with my very first Art Journal page! I made this using the prompt from The Gutter Girlz blog. December was our last month for the blog. It will be merging with Rachel's Art Journal blog and I thought what a better way to end my Gutter Girlz journey than with an art journal page. Our prompt was to use the title: For Granted and to use a page from the phone book. I immediately ran and got the last phone book that we had and tore out the page with my grandmother's phone number still in it. I added a little paint, some hand cut flowers and some journaling. We always take for granted that our loved ones will always be there. But it just doesn't work that way. They can go at any time. It's been three years since my grandmother passed away and each day is as hard as the first day. I miss her terribly and scrapbooking has been such a great way for me to express that loss. Sooooo...she gets the first page of my very first art journal! Make sure you stay tuned each month because that art journal has LOTS of empty pages just waiting for me to be inspired!

Now on to Magistical Memories. I have to say that I have had a blast working with ALL these chipboard pieces. Each one is unique and so fun to use. For this layout, which is also from the Scrap-Tastic December kit, I used this small chipboard piece and sprayed it real good with Smooth Spritz from ClearSnap. I wanted this layout to focus on Payton and not a whole lot of embellishments. It's hard to pick up in the picture but the cardstock has gold glitter stars which help pick up the gold on the chipboard.
Don't be afraid to use large pictures. they are so fun to work with and with just a tad bit of embellishments you have a layout that can be put away in your albums or you can easily frame this and give it as a gift for that special loved one.
Everyone have a great Thursday!!!

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