Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Gift

awhhhhhhh I used to LOVE to hear those three words on Christmas Eve. Every time the phone would ring I would run to answer and yell out those three little words before my nanny did. I swear she loved to do that. And she would just chuckle on the other end of the phone if someone blurted it out before she did.

Now, several years later, I love to hear those three little words from her. This was always her favorite time of the year. I loved to watch her smile as the kids were opening their gifts. Loved to watch her laugh as the family was all together on Christmas Eve night. Even when she was sick she tried her best to smile and enjoy this beautiful day that God gave us and the birth of his son. Well I sit here typing this I can't help but cry. I miss her. And Christmas always makes me miss her even that much more. It just hasn't been the same without her.

On a brighter note I only have to work half a day today and then I can head home and do what ever my heart desires. I look forward to Christmas morning....when I barely have slept because I am so excited....when the kids, even at the ages of 20 and 17, act like smaller kids for just a short bit as they come running into our room with stockings in jump on the bed and go through what Santa brought them. Yep. I live for moments like these. Christmas morning is always my favorite part of the holiday. The laughter. The smiles. The good ole family time together.

From my family to yours....I wish you a very, Merry Christmas!
May God bless you

The Thackston's

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mindy gallagher said...

Merry Christmas Becky! I hope your family has a wonderful one!