Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a weekend

Have I mentioned how much I love creative weekends!!!!

Well this was one for sure!

I did not thinging but scrapbook, paint, draw, redo furniture and make projects...oh and lets not forget quilt some! Here is one of the paintings I completed. I had a local photograph ask me if he could send me some of his pictures to try and paint. this was one of them. Now his photo was amazing so I didn't do it nearly the justice it deserved but I still think it turned out pretty good. I added some Sticklers glitter to wings and the bubbles. His photo didn't have :)

And then my pen and ink I finished. I have waited and waited on finishing this one. It really had me nervous as I have never drawn motorcycles before and I know that this picture will really mean something to the owner. But I finally just jumped and finished it. It was the first time that I had used Indian Ink on a drawing and might I just say I LOVE IT!!!!! I WILL be using it again that is for sure! and maybe....if I can find the right picture to draw...I might just try my hand at an artshow again using the Indian Ink.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog this weekend and became a follower. I greatly appreciate it and hope you will continue to stop in. I will have all kinds of projects showing up here and there and more giveaways in the futre. And.......the winner of the blog RAK is.....(my daughter picked the number by the way!)
Send me your address BJ and I will get your RAK sent out to you today!
I am off today but have a full day lined up. Gotta take Kayla to the dentist at 8 am? What was I thinking when I made THAT appointment? Then later today I have to go to the dr for myself. I need to do a blood pressure recheck. Here's hoping for good news and no meds in the near future. Then off to the insurance agent with Shawn so that he can be added to our insurance! That is going to be costly I am sure. I plan on getting some more creating done today...or hoping to at least.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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