Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I had never heard of "boo-ing" until I read about it on a message board that I frequent every other day. And it really sounded like fun so I was so excited when I got the chance to make my Boo can this weekend. It was very simple to make too which makes it a great quick gift to put together and make someone feel special for the day.

I already had this can hidden away in my cabinets so all I did was take it outside and give it a good coat of paint with some gloss spray paint that I had left over from another project. Once that was dry, I brought it back inside and started the decorating.

Using the Glue Dots ® Craft dots and some scrap paper....I cut out and adhered the bottom triangles to the bucket. I punched out circles from more misc paper and used Glue Dots ® Pop Dots and adhered to the bucket. Using the Glue Dots ® Lines I adhered the ribbon along the top of the bucket....pulling tight as needed so that it didn't wrinkle. To finish the bucket off I took misc left over ribbons and tied them along the handle.

For my gift I used hot chocolate packs but you could fill this can up with cider packets, candy or stuff to make candy apples. The ideas are limitless.

The fun part of the Boo-ing is sneaking this cute gift and leaving it at someones doorstep with you them knowing who it came from. I couldn't wait for our can to get delivered this morning while its recipient was away :)

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots Design team


Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Fun! I hope they get a kick out of it and pass the boo on!

BJ said...

Very cute idea...I like them a bunch!

Danielle Hunter said...

How fun! This is such a great idea! I may even surprise my girls with this (and leave it at my own doorstep)...shhh...