Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall in the Air...and a little Glue Dots

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the fall????
I love the cool breeze blowing all through the house. The smell of pumpkin pie candles. A big pot of chili cooking. And I just love the smell of cinnamon!

Well the other day I was walking through Home Depot when I got a gooooood smell of cinnamon! Cinnamon pinecones to be exact. So I just had to buy some. I tore my house apart looking for something to put them in but had no luck. Then just yesterday I was taking my weekly trip to Michael's when I found their fall baskets 60% off. SCORE! I knew what I wanted to do. Rushed home and began my little project.

  • Basket
  • Recollections Owl Be Falling in Love pumpkin patterned paper
  • Recollections Owl Be Falling in Love spotted patterned paper
  • Recollections Owl Be Falling in Love butternut patterned paper
  • Recollections I Wanna Ride Ouch patterned paper
  • Recollections Indian Summer Where the Buffalo Roam patterned paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Dots ® Continous Line and Pop Dots
  • Prima Flowers
  • Creatology Harvest Felt Stickers

I began by measuring the width of the strips in the basket so that I could cut the patterned paper the same width. All pieces were then inked with cat eye Chestnut ink.

Using the Continuous Line Glue Dots ®, I cut strips the same width as the basket strips. Once the glue was in place then I carefully added the patterned paper to each strip. Any "hang over" pieces I cut with an xacto knife and stuffed the extra parts inside the trim of the basket.

Then I used the Continuous Line to go around the trim of the basket and added the ribbon.

Take the Glue Dots ® Pop dots and start adding flowers on the front and inside of the basket. The scarecrow was made using a felt sticker and inserting a toothpick into the backing and then attached with a Pop dot to the basket.

I filled it full of my cinnamon pinecones and now the house smells all yummy!

Becky Thackston

"I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team"

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marcibun said...

Becky, this is soooo beautiful! I just love it :)