Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing new to report

It's been a busy week but nothing really new to report.

I did get 2 paintings framed and ready for the Arts show which is just 2 months away...eeeek!

Kayla has a dr appointment next Wednesday which she asked me to go with her on. She will be 2 months at that time.

Work SUCKED today. Our hard drive for the server we use with our system went kaput! Dead! As in dead as a doornail! and I am so hoping we didn't lose data. Cause seriously....I'm GOING on vacation in a week! We had to overnight the server with hopes they can restore it and get it back by Tuesday. ugh ugh.

and I was a bad girl and called and cancelled my last two trainer sessions. I just didn't want to go anymore. I lost the will to go I guess. I will still work out. But not until we get back from vacation. I just have to much to post to my blog :)

But seriously...I need to go and take care of a few things. Hopefully I will have more to report in a few

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