Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

I'm so glad it is friday. The's been a week since Kayla moved out.

She came by yesterday to talk with us about bills, etc. It was so great to see her and was a huge relief just to hug her and know she was okay. She is still set on trying to make it on her own. I hope she can. I have my doubts only because she has no clue as to what happens in real life. We gave her two months to get her phone and car insurance in her name. We thought that was pretty fair. I just hope she can pull it off.

This weekend is full of stuff to do. Saturday it will be around the house stuff and Sunday we have to drive to Covington again but will have to stay out there the whole day. Not sure what we will end up doing out there.

I got in a very creative mood yesterday and my layout is coming along pretty cool. I just need some Bling so I will have to go to Michael's today and pick up some stuff. Shawn is spending the night with a friend so I will have the afternoon to shop and maybe even go work out. Working out has helped me relieve some of this stress I've been going through. I just wish it would show more on the scale than it does.

Hard to believe this month is half way already. Where does the time go. I took the 28th off so that I could have a 4 day weekend. I need it. I wish I could have it now. Although I don't like being at the house alone because I always venture into Kayla's room....I would like some alone creative time I do believe. Plus I have met some wonderful people lately with genealogy and I would love to get back into researching again. I haven't done that in months and months.

No new paintings to report. I haven't sold any in a while which is a bummer. I need some art! Plus I would love to buy a swing for the back yard but I just don't know how to push the art anymore than I already have. Not sure what else I can paint to interest anyone either.

anyway....hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am going to try and make mine good. Now that I have seen Kayla there is a small amount of relief there and maybe I can relax a little bit now. Billy said I was talking more last night which he was glad to see. We will just have to see how it goes. I miss my baby girl. I don't miss her drama...and I don't miss her angry fits...but I miss my girl

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