Monday, April 5, 2010

Head on over to Scrap-tastic

Don't you just love a good posting challenge? And how about a posting challenge with a HUGE prize. Sure do wish I was able to win this prize because it sounds FANTASTIC.

So hop on over...join us and post away!

"It has been quiet here lately! So, I am going to have a posting challenge to see who chats it up the most! And the winner will receive a mystery box filled with $50 worth of scrapbooking product from the Scrap-Tastic Store If the winner goes over 400 posts, she will receive a mystery box worth $80!!!! And if the winner goes over 800 posts, she will receive a mystery box with $125 worth of product I know you all can be chatty when product is on the line This contest will go for 3 weeks starting April 7 and going through April 28th.Sign up here in this thread just letting me know that you want to participate. I will mark down your current number of posts on April 7th. PLEASE only post here letting me know if you want to participate so I don't have a zillion posts to sort through looking for your number of posts. If you have any questions, please pm me - thanks!!You can start after April 7th! Sign up here and pm me immediately so I can mark down your number of posts."

Just head on over to

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