Friday, January 22, 2010

you let me do it again

go all week without posting....or is there anyone even there reading

Since monday I met with the personal trainer at the gym. We did a 20 minute work out that made me so sore on thursay and Friday I could barely walk. Today, I signed up for 6 more months (24 sessions) of this torture! But he promises to make me look beautiful at the end of that 6 months...hmmmph...for the money I am paying him he BETTER!. Today was upper arms since I still couldn't move my legs well.

I have Saturday and Sunday off and go back on Monday! I haven't lost any weight since the last few weeks....but I'm really hoping that will come.
Painted these 3 paintings the last 2 days. I wish I could sell them faster because I have no room in my house at the moment for all these but if anything I will have a stash of them come September for the Arts and Crafts
nothing much else going on here this week. The heater guys came back out and did a few more things to the heater. Really wish that was done and over with but at least it isn't in the teens now with no heat. got a very busy day tomorrow and I think I just might take my hubby out for the evening :)

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