Monday, January 18, 2010

Time flies by

when your having fun. Man I didn't know I hadn't been here since Thursday. Sorry about that.

Saturday it rained all day. I spent the morning doing errands and spent the afternoon painting. We actually didn't have any kids at the house saturday night so we just ate Tacos and watched TV. it was quiet.

Sunday was a nice crafty day. I got these two paintings finished, worked on my quilt, scrapped a page and cleaned a lot. That was good. I still have lots of scrapping to do that I have to get done sometime this week. Like 6 layouts I sold the yellow horse picture right away once I posted it on facebook. That was awesome. And I had over 80 hits on my site the other day. That was really cool. I had someone mention to me that their mom might like for me to draw several, several pictures for her to hang in her house. Which would be AWESOME! I say bring on the challenge.
Nothing much going on this week. I went and worked out some frustrations today...although my back is hurting now. All I did was walk for about 22 minutes at 3.3 speed and did the eliptical for 7 minutes. I meet Wednesday with the Trainer which is awesome. It doesn't help though that he is cute. sigh. Makes me nervous. Wish it was a lady but oh well. I have a wedding to be I gotta get this weight off so I can look half way decent in a dress. to get some more stuff done. The good thing about working out in the afternoon is I have a burst of energy that I just can't let lay around.

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