Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 of the New Year

(well kinda odd...everytime I load this picture it turns it sideways...sorry about that) 3 of the New Year completed. I managed to get a workout in yesterday and have been eating pretty healthy considering I've been home alone...which usually tends to make me snack alot. I painted this 3 peice picture set. and I LOVE it I might add. I am considering keeping it and hanging it in my kitchen and just making another one if someone is interested in it. We will see. It really doesn't go with my country theme in my house but I do love this painting.
The heater decided to stop working in the middle of the night so when I awoke to 19 degrees outside and about that cold inside (not really but it sure felt like it) I about freaked. I went and found 2 space heaters to put in the kitchen but they really didn't work all that great. Billy came home and the heater blew 3 fuses in the course of 5 hours. We have it on emergency heat, which will NOT be good for the light bill, and will have someone come out tomorrow to look at it. Right now we have a kerosine heater in the kitchen and space heaters in the bathroom to try and keep the emergency heat kicking on as much.
Got some scrapping done this weekend and started on a quilt. Still trying to decide what to make for people this next year for Christmas. I am stumped as to what to make.
I've gotta go back to work tomorrow. pooh. I was enjoying my days off but I guess we gotta get back to the regular schedule. Saved some money this weekend which is always fun. Love me some coupons and sales. Spent 4 hours cutting coupons and organizing them. It was a big paper this week. Love it. If you haven't ever tried you MUST give it a try. I am so excited about the money she has saved me so far. My goals this year are to pay off some credit card bills and save up for vacation. I am well on my way with week one complete. I put back $50 this week and that is after spending only $100 at 2 grocery stores and Rite Aid. love it love it.
Not sure what all this week will hold but I am ready to take it all on and see.

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