Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WOW 2 more days

I can't wait for Christmas. I always love this time of year. The only thing I hate is that my tree comes down the day after and I have really loved having my tree up this year.

Kayla is bringing her boyfriend over Christmas Eve. My mom, dad, sister, Randy and Robin are coming over Christmas day at different times. I think Steven is going to come over too. I just love this time of year when families get together. I wish we all got together more often. I am sadden that my dad's side didn't get together this year. I am planning on organizing something next year. If someone doesn't step up and make it just doesn't happen...know what I mean.

Been thinking of things I would like to do or take on for this next year. I hope that it will be a productive one and I will have my new year resolutions up on this blog soon.

sad news...Kayla failed her only class that counted in college :( I am very sad and upset about that. I don't think she realized how seriously she needed to pass. I think she does now or at least I hope she does. It will take an A next quarter to maybe bring this F to a C. She has to maintain a B average by the end of the year (3 more quarters) to keep her Hope Grant. After that it all falls in our laps to pay. In the 6 months that she has been out of school I have never seen someone fall so hard and so fast and not care. I hope she wakes up soon....because I don't know how much more I can give or handle.

I sold 2 more paintings and painted 2 more. I will post the finished one this week and hopefully get the other one finished tonight. They have been fun. But I need to get my supplies up and the table clean for Christmas morning :)

Oh and one my most dearest friends has asked me to be her maid of honor! I am so excited and can't wait to get in there helping her plan this wedding! I am so happy for her! Love you Dorothy! to work...just one more day and a half and I am off for 5 days! Can you believe that 2010 is just around the corner??? Where did the time go! WOW.

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