Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a weekend

Not what I was hoping for on a weekend but yeah...that is the way it goes I guess.
We went grocery shopping Saturday and I went over my coupon budget more than I wanted. Shawn called and asked if I would bring home some chicken...sure...we were at Publix so I grabbed some fried chicken from the deli.

Got home, unloaded, the boys ate the chicken. Shawn had 3 pieces and Billy had 2. Kayla had one leg and I ate just a bite from a piece Billy had. About an hour later Shawn is complaining that his tummy hurts. We figured he ate to fast. Gave him a Zantac and he went on about the day. 5 rolled around and Billy's cooking french fries. I'm cooking hot dogs. we sit down to eat and Shawn isn't hungry. Next think I know he is sick as can be. I look at Billy and he is turning all wonderful shades of green. By 6 they are both sick sick sick. Shawn had a party to go to at 7 and he just HAD to go. We left and had to make a gas station stop so he could get sick again. I knew he shouldn't of went but yeah...try telling a 16 year old boy that. We dropped him off, came home, Billy preceeded to continue to be sick. I left and picked Shawn up at 10. Got him home...they both DOWNED some sprite. Even though I told them both not to drink it so fast. Shawn didn't listen and you can guess where he ended up. both of them had the chills really bad but no fever.

The only thing I can think of is the chicken. That is the only thing they both ate so much off. I felt punnie but never got sick. Neither did Kayla.'s 9 am this sunday morning and they are both in bed still sleeping. I felt sorry for them. I know I hate being sick like that.

Nothing else really going on today. Our family get together was canceled because...well...we couldn't get it But next year will be different. I just know it. It has to be. I want my family back together on Christmas like it was before my nanny died. I have a few presents to give out today which I think will be fun. It is not suppose to rain which is good because we are right back at the flood warning stages again. I would take it in snow if it would just be cold enough.

Back to work tomorrow and will have to pull 9 hour days for the first 3 days so that I can make up my time for being off early on Christmas Eve. I am ready for Christmas to get here. I wish we could of gotten our lights up outside :(

Lots of scrapbooking done but I can't share any of it with you just yet. sorry

No bites on publications. Although there just isn't as many places to send your layouts to these days but the ones I do...I just never have luck with. to have my second cup of coffee and hope that the boys didn't have some funky bug which will make me sick today. Lets just hope it was the chicken

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