Friday, October 30, 2009

Coupon Craze

so the new craze at our house is coupon shopping. I have been coupon shopping FOREVER but not all that great apprently. I started using and WOW and some of the deals I have gotten. FREE stuff that I normally wouldn't of figured out. I went to Publix last week and got several items free. Today I went to Kroger. I left a whole lot more frustrated than I should of been. Maybe because it was a store I didn't know??? I usually shop at Ingles. But all in all I guess I still got a good deal. I spent $9.00 in crap I shouldn't of bought but with that total was $43.00 and after coupons I spent $27. I guess that is still pretty good but not what I was hoping for. My original goal was $10.00 but I took my son with me. Very bad!

Today was our Fall Festival at work. It was so much fun. My door (and my buds that worked with it also) won First Place in the Overall decorating contest. Pictures to come. And then I entered the pumpkin decorating contest and won $100...first place...woohooo. It was fun!
But glad the day is over because I am TIRED! we have a long weekend ahead and not enough time

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