Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend came to an end

Can't believe the weekend is over already.

Went to the local arts & crafts festival on saturday. Wish I had tons of money to buy all the things I wanted. But it did make up my mind that I will have a booth next year. I am set on it! I can't wait.

I drew a few pictures this weekend. Two of which are from Cades Cove but then I drew one of old downtown Hiram of the Shipp store which was owned by JW Shipp in my husbands genealogy line. He wants to keep that one ;)
And then I painted this tulip painting. It is sold. I actually did really well this weekend and sold the painting, 3 drawings and one photography print. Now that is a great weekend ;)
I finished a quilt too so I was pretty busy but then I like it that way.
This week is a 4 day week for me so Friday I will spend the day doing some scrapbook pages and of course I am sure I will find time for a few more pictures.

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