Friday, September 4, 2009

4 day weekend

There is nothing better than a 4 day weekend...well maybe a 7 day weekend...but...

Today starts my mini vacation. I was up at 5 this morning as always...but I got a painting done and some genealogy so it was very productive. I had my CT scan done today for my sinuses. Now to wait a week to see what the results will be. I am hoping it is something easy and not a sinus surgery to fix it. I don't want that. But we will see what they say. Wish they could tell you that day but oh well.

Going to meet my hubby for lunch today. We don't get many "date" days so we grab them when we can. He is getting off work early so we can hook up :)

Got a slammed pack weekend though. Shawn wants to go spend the night with a friend Saturday night and so is Kayla so maybe hubby and I can go out for supper too! woohooo. Got to tend to my sisters cats while she is out of town. Lots of yard work to do. Quilts to make. Scrapbook pages to work on. and then the race on Sunday night. I SOOOOO wish I was there. What an awesome chill in the cars...loud engines...NASCAR at Atlanta Motor Speedway at night! Man wouldn't that be cool. BUT...I can't seem to luck up and get free tickets so oh well. Will just have to watch it from the comforts of our home with hamburgers and cheese-salsa dip. :)

Weight Watchers..haven't updated in a while. 2 weeks ago I hit the 8lb mark which was my 5% goal. I was very happy about that. Next goal is 10% which is 16lbs. Will see if I can do it. I meant to purchase the Wii trainer but I haven't done that yet. Maybe this weekend I can go shopping for Shawns birthday present and can pick that up for me too ;) to create some more.

Submitted to a few mags last night and a few more DT calls. Crossing fingers. I am ready to return to the scrappy work and kick some layout

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