Thursday, August 27, 2009

a few more artistic happenings...

First off I am excited that I have hit my 5% goal at Weight Watchers. 8lbs down...woohooo!

I painted this morning glory picture today and also finished up this light house drawing. (still trying to sell all these paintings so if you know anyone interested please forward them my etsy store information! I need to make room for more I need to sell what I have before my husband makes me rent out a storage Today was a very creative day in the short 3 hours I had to be creative. This weekend I will start working on a quilt that a friend wants me to make for christmas. I also have a smaller quilt to finish along with another christmas present that I am not done with.

Started my layout for the sketch blog NutsaboutSketches. Should be done with that this weekend too. Busy weekend I see!
ETA: Sadly the morning glory painting is the wrong color - sigh - so I have to start over

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