Friday, May 29, 2009

sorry I am behind

got a little behind on my blog. Sorry about that.
Thank goodness it is friday already. We have LOTS to do this weekend as it is the last weekend before graduation. She starts her senior exams today but gets to exempt 3 of the 6 because of her attendance and grades. then they start all the graduation practice next week. Shawn is exempting 3 of his 6 also. It appears....insert crossed fingers...that he will pass Math...barely...if nothing happens from now until next friday. He has a 70 in there. We are still worried about Literature. Not sure what that grade is.

I've been trying to work out a little each day. Even if just 10 minutes. I lost 1.2 at this weeks weigh in. Now if it will just continue like that I will be happy. I would like to just hit the first goal of 8 lbs lost! I know I can do's just if my body will do

No scrapping this week. To much to do and to much going on. We got all the carpets cleaned with the exception of the living room which we will do this weekend.

Oh and I sold my first person thru my etsy store. I sold the small one and shipped it all the way to West Hollywood, CA :) cool huh!!! And I sold two necklaces! Double cool.

okay off to work....

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emily said...

Sounds like a very busy week coming up for you. Don't get too stressed.

And congrats on the purse sale! Everyone will want a Becky original.