Saturday, May 23, 2009

The beginning of the weekend...

I was off Thursday and Friday and really made the two days productive.
Thursday I hit the cardiologist office for my routine check up. Everything was great. Blood pressure was good. I have to go Tuesday for an Echo just to make sure there is no chamber size difference. Friday I walked the New Hope Cemetery with my sister n law and found lots of Billy's relatives. In between all of that I was able to get some things marked off my list for the party. Got some scrapping done. Got some packages ready to mail to Somerset Memories :) and I got my etsy store back up and running with my purses. I only have three up so if you like them grab it while you can because I don't know when I will be making another one. I did sell two necklaces yesterday which was cool and unexpected.

Also got my photography up and running at redbubble. I took some more pictures this morning but need to wait for them to be emailed to me since I was using someone elses My new want...a Sony Cybershot. Yes I am in love once again. It was a SHARP camera!! and is inbetween the size of my big one and my pocket digital. Love it love it I do :)

We started our budget so to say this weekend. Or I am giving it a trial run until I have to really start it next week. yippee...not.

Kayla works all weekend. Shawn is driving me crazy. I have spent lots of time on the computer with genealogy which has been nice. And I still have 3 days to go. Still lots to mark off my list. We have to get these carpets cleaned this weekend that is a must!

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emily said...

Great to hear you've been getting lots done. Hope it continues for ya.