Saturday, May 2, 2009

Productive Saturday

It's been a busy saturday that is for sure.

After I did my normal Saturday running around I had to mop the floors and vacuum. Kayla and Shawn left to go to her best friends graduation party. I totally forgot about it and was going to go but ended up having to take the car we bought to the shop to get the windshield wippers fixed. Then the storms came thru. So that put a damper on getting some things done. But I did get 3 more purses cut out and ready to stitch together. these are a little faster to put together and sew than the quilts are.

Once Kayla got back, we sat down and started doing the graduation announcements. Now if I just had everyones address it would be perfect! We still had a few invites left out of 50 so that isn't to bad I don't think! I reckon we will get those out in the mail this week sometime.

Kayla starts her job tomorrow so we had to go to the store and buy her some khaki shorts which is her uniform. Needless to say we went to Kohls and I ended up buying her 2 shorts, 1 pair of jeans, a belt, me a shirt, and the boys both a shirt. MORE than I should have that is for sure. Especially after what we are going to have to pay for the car on Tuesday when I pick it up from the shop. So I guess I better get busy making lots of purses huh! LOL!

Didn't get any scrapping done today. I just had way to much going on. I did have some funky dreams last night, one of them was I had surgery on my back. And you know the more and more I think about the more I am wondering if that is something I really should consider. I might....maybe...try to go back to the PT when school is out. She moved her office a little further away but just maybe....she can get me feeling better. If not...I am highly considering talking to the dr about surgery. I am 37 years old and should NOT feel this bad each day!

Another productive day coming up tomorrow and then we get to get ready for our camping trip this coming up weekend. Oh....and Kayla's birthday thursday:)

and on another school note. It is confirmed that she will not make perfect attendance for K-12. Get this now....they said they would wave her K and 1st grade year that was causing some issue so that she WOULD make K-12 Perfect Attendance BUT....she had ISS in the 9th grade and even though she was at school, they consider it out of class which would make her NOT get the perfect attendance. And then they proceeded to tell her it didn't matter anyway because there was no cash prize for accomplishing that. So what....she just wanted to be recognized for accomplished not missing a single day of school ever! I personally think that is AMAZING!!!!


Anonymous said...

Another busy day, huh? Like usual!

And you tell Kayla that IS quite an accomplishment. CONGRATS to her on the perfect attendance.

emily said...

Oh, looks like it didn't log me in for my post. Okay, let's try again...