Monday, May 11, 2009

Good monday morning

We made it home from camping. We had a great time too. The boys were let go to wonder the park and that they did. Only calling every 30 minutes to ask if it was okay to go here and Billy and I didn't know what to do with our selves not having kids in tow. We just walked around and enjoyed the shops and some rides. Mother's day was great. Shawn bought me a bracelet at one of the gift shops and Kayla gave me some of her pottery.

Back to monday work....and i am very tired. BUT....I only have 10 more days and I am off work for 6 days :) a mini vacation for me!!!

Kayla gets her tooth tomorrow. We are very excited about that. Graduation announcments, with the exception of about 7, are going postal today. Cap and Gown pictures are this friday. Wow guys...this marks the beginning of the last 4 weeks. (3 for Kayla since the last week is all practice). I can't believe it. And Shawn has GOT to get busy. He is failing two classes right now. It's not looking pretty.

Okay...back to work...

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