Thursday, May 7, 2009

19 years ago

19 years ago....I was on my way to Ft Stewart was an hour away from our home. I was getting ready to start a journey that would forever change my life. After about a 5 hour labor, I delivered Kayla Leigh at 12:36 in the afternoon. Just a few days before Mother's Day.

She was a tiny 6lb baby....hardly any hair....but she was mine. She was my first born.

We didn't know what a roller coaster ride these 19 years would be. And that it has. But I wouldn't trade any of those years for anything. I look at her and she has become a beautiful adult. Her artistic ability is glowing. She is several weeks away from completing her school education and jumping right back into a new education as an adult.

Happy Birthday Kayla. I'm very proud of the accomplishments you have made and I love you with all my heart.


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Emily said...

Ok, I'm sobbing now!