Saturday, May 16, 2009

A few projects

Here are a few projects I have been working on. Nothing big but still kinda fun and cute. The purses I am making to sell. $25.00 plus shipping if they are to be shipped out of town. I finally finished these two last night. I have one more that is smaller that I am making but had to put it away to finish some other projects.
The tags I made for SerendipityKits with the May kit. I loved the kit and fell in love with the tag so I had ot make it genealogy related.
Today was a very busy and productive day. We got up early and hit the grocery store while the boys did their scout physicals. when I got back Billy and I hit Target, Sams, Walmart and Kmart. We found the budget books we wanted. Yep we are starting a strict budget come June 1st. Dave Ramsey style. I want to get out of this credit card debt so by golly we can do this. I tried to find a shower curtain too while we were out but no go on that one. We also bought a Bissell carpet cleaner so that we could clean the carpets before the party. Billy decided to play with it and OMG I didn't realize how dirty our carperts were. Wow. It was worth the money.
Took Shawn to his friends house for the evening and we took Kayla to Sapparo's Japanese Steak house in Hiram and OMG was it the bestest ever! We are going back for our anniversary because we honestly can't afford to go there often. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Now Billy is sleeping because we have full
Kayla had her cap and gown pictures Friday. Only 3 more weeks people. 3 more weeks.
This week is pretty slow with school stuff. I have a heart appointment on Thursday. Oh by the way.....if you can...please help me raise money or walk with me in the Heart Walk. I am going to put a thingy on the side bar here for donations. I'm walking for myself. Anything to raise money to make healthy hearts. I am joining Weight Watchers on Wednesday. Gotta get back seriously. And then I am off Thursday thru Tuesday after Memorial day. long weekend for me. I need it.

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beautiful creations! beautiful!