Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crunch time

2 1/2 weeks left.
Shawn has a 54 in Lit and a 70 in Math. I am in over stress mode right now and don't know what to do to make sure he passes. I hate this. EOCT testing will start next week and the last week of school but he has GOT to get that Lit and Math up before then. I sent emails to the teachers so we will see what they say. I am so ready to put this year behind me. Wait...don't I say that every year of school with him. Geesh.

Okay seriously. Only 3 more years. Only 3 more years. And then I am DONE with high school. When they are in college by george they are on their own!

I have to work today and tomorrow and then I have a 6 day weekend. Thank goodness. I need the time off. I have a cardiology appointment Thursday and then will hook up with my fun SisterNLaw on Friday to go grave hopping :) I have the research bug again and just want to find some tombstones for my genealogy pictures.

I have my photography entries all frames and matted. They look awesome. So now I have that bug too and will check out Photobox.com about selling my prints. We will see. I always want to sell something or another but just never can get it off the ground good. I will post my 3 purses on Etsy this weekend and see if I can get them gone.

Okay back to school stressing....

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